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32 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

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    Erin Schneller
    May 26, 2024

    This place was recommended by my parents who live close by so we decided to check it out. We found a parking garage near the venue with free parking and lots of parking spots open. It was on Park St. just past the Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. My husband and I arrived around 8:30pm as we wanted to come see the band that was slated to start at 9:30pm. The place was mostly empty for a Saturday night, but I did enjoy that we were able to pick wherever we wanted and ended up at a booth close to the stage. The waiter came quickly to greet us and provide the food and drink menu. We ordered two lemon drop shots, a Kentucky kool-aid, a Lynchburg lemonade, and an order of their loaded tots with extra ranch. She did check IDs and then started a tab for us. The drinks arrived within 5 minutes of ordering them. The tots took about 15 minutes to arrive. The tots were smaller than I was expecting for $10.00 and a personal preference was that I wish I asked for the ranch on the side. However, I enjoyed the loaded tots and would order again. I then ordered The Hugo drink in the normal size as they also offer an option that is 32oz. It was made well, but I think I leaned more towards the Kentucky kool-aid. My husband then ordered a Salty watermelon which the waiter said was her favorite drink. It tastes like the watermelon sour patches. Around 9:15pm, workers started to breakdown the three high top tables near the stage to prepare for the band to start at 9:30pm. The workers also cleared the chairs around the bar that were closest to the stage and asked those people to find new seats. The band was scheduled to start at 9:30pm and started only a couple minutes after 9:30pm. As someone who enjoys timeliness, I appreciated there wasn’t a delay in the start. Once the band had started, the waiter still stopped by our table to check on us and ask for drink orders. I ordered a dirty Shirley and noticed it was no longer in a branded plastic cup. That may be because it wasn’t a drink off their menu. My husband ordered a Tennessee Tea and we both did enjoy the taste. The last drink ordered of the night was the Blackberry Bramble. It was not my cup of tea and I enjoyed some of the other drinks I had earlier in the night. When the waiter brought our receipt, she did not bring the itemized recipe so I was unable to see the breakdown of the items we ordered that were not directly listed on the menu. Our total for the night including tip was at $100. Crowds started to pick up closer to 10:15pm and there was a mix of age groups in attendance on this night with a large of number between 21-30 year olds. Keep in mind that this venue is located to the University of South Carolina. The bathrooms were what I expected at the type of venue and had signs telling folks not to flush small bottles. However, they were still cleaner than I expected. We left around 10:45pm and noticed that they did have a bouncer set up outside the main entrance to check IDs and a potential cover charge, but I am not sure the cost. They did have ropes up ready to regulate if the crowds got larger. I think it was a smart choice to have the bar in the middle of the venue with access on all sides to place drink orders. I did notice while I was there that they use a lot of single use plastic from the cups to the silverware. My suggestion is for them to consider more appetizer or adding a small bites section for their menu, especially if many people may only come for the music and drinks. It would be helpful to have more smaller food options to pair with alcohol drinks. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and would definitely come back in the future.

    April 24, 2024

    We enjoyed everything we ordered including the drinks. Charm city punch was probably my favorite. The server/bartender was good as well but they were severely under staffed so wait times can vary. I would definitely go back again.

    My Imperfect Diary
    December 05, 2023

    (Racist Vibes) I am a person of color After searching for good bars in Baltimore, I visited Tin Roof based on its positive reviews. I arrived at the Bar with a coworker, hoping to enjoy food and drinks. The only option was to go to the Bar and order food and beverages. However, the atmosphere could have been more welcoming. The bartender. ( White male with red hair) informed me that I had to put my card on file, even though it is typically an optional choice. I explained that I only came for food and would pay at the end, but the bartender shouted at me, and my coworker insisted that we provide a card. Due to this unpleasant encounter, I cannot recommend this Bar to others.

    Taylor Hopson
    July 17, 2023

    Food was actually pretty good here, not the best I’ve ever had but 4 star worthy. It’s weird that you go up to the bar to order your food because it takes a while to get your order taken if they’re helping people with drinks and such, food didn’t take too long to get. I would visit again for good bar food. Overall the experience was pretty good

    Fantasm Band
    January 16, 2023

    We played our first show ever at Tin Roof and it's always a pleasure to return! The staff has always treated us like family & the food is great. The loaded tots & nachos are our favorites. We always stop in when we are downtown, even if we're not playing. We would definitely recommend Tin Roof to anyone looking to grab a bite or drink and check out live music.

    Tin Roof

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    32 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

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